About us

Our experience

Through Lendela, we are bringing more than a decade worth of experience optimising consumer-centric financial platforms in both Europe and South America. With our well developed model and technology, we have processed millions of loan applications in both Scandinavia and Brazil throughout the years.

Since Lendela’s launch in early 2019, we have aimed to merge Nordic-inspired user experience and financial technology with local expertise in the Southeast Asian region. Starting in Singapore, we have expanded our operations to include Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong during the last year.

Our Scandinavian heritage

Our founding team comes from Sweden where the online loan matchmaking model has been serving the public for more than 15 years. Prior to launching Lendela in Southeast Asia, both our founding team and operational team have been working in the online loan industry for more than a decade, playing key parts in the development of major Scandinavian consumer finance companies like Lendo and Zmarta Group.

At Lendela, we believe in innovation and technology. We want to transform the Southeast Asian lending space by empowering the loan applicant and offering speed, simplicity and transparency throughout the application process. We have already seen the value of our loan matchmaking model in other parts of the world, and now we are eager to offer it to the Singaporean consumers as well.

Our unique Fintech platform

We understand how difficult it is for an individual to find the best possible loan offer, or even to go through a single application without getting stuck somewhere in the process. Our mission is to make this process smoother, faster, digital and transparent, so that you can focus on more important things in life.

In order to make your life easier, we use technology. Whether you need a loan for a new house, car or general financial assistance, our platform allows you to apply to multiple banks and lenders with just one application, compare multiple personalised offers and select the best loan for your unique situation. This does not only save you a lot of time but also money, as you can rest assured that you got the best possible loan terms.

Bringing transparency to the lending space

What empowers you to make the right decision? What would be your number one concern when you search for the right personal loan? At Lendela, we aim for full transparency when it comes to matching your profile with our list of lenders. We promise to present offers from all the lenders we partner with, given that they have approved your application in principle. The order of the incoming offers is based on the speed of each lender and we will always tell you if there is a chance of getting yet another offer. All offers are presented the same way and we don’t promote specific banks or lenders for our own interest.

Your needs come first. We can help you whether you're consolidating your debts, doing that home remodelling you've always wanted, have unplanned emergencies or medical bills, hosting a wedding, paying a down-payment for a house appliance, or have more leisurely goals like planning a vacation or buying a car.

When applying for a loan via Lendela, you get full disclosure on what you're getting from each lender without having to fill out multiple endless forms and being unsure if your application will be approved.

We work hard to break down barriers when it comes to traditional financing services. We believe that there is a need for innovation and better service for both consumers and lenders, and we are bringing that to the table. Information is a luxury when it's readily available to lenders and borrowers. Lendela cuts to the chase when it comes to loan comparison, and that is our strength. Here, we have your best interest in mind.